Audiovideo Orpheus Inc is property of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria. The company was founded over 20 years ago to produce, preserve and distribute audiovisual products and to perform presentation activities.
With Decree ¹ 162 of the National Assembly, dated May 16th 2003 the company was included in the List of Art. 3, Paragraph 1 of the Law on Privatization and Post-privatization Control and for that reason it cannot be subject to privatization.
As early as 1995 the Orpheus Company defined as its priority the development of a new base for filming, specializing in film and video shooting on sound stages. Since then by investing its own resources, the company has built and equipped 5 different - as type and size - sound stages, where it provides services for shooting films, advertisements, shows, TV games, video clips, photo sessions. In this way the company confirms the specific, complex character of the audiovisual product as a synthesis of image, sound and space, realized with the means of modern electronic equipment and artistic solutions.
In cooperation with the Institute of Art Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, ORPHEUS participated in the academic conferences The Cinema of the 21st Century – Art and Technology – 1979, The Audiovisual Art and the Cultural Dialogue on the Balkans – 2003. The company has sponsored many academic publications in the sphere of visual arts.
Audiovideo Orpheus Inc has registered as a film producer under ¹2004100031 in the Film Producers’ Register. As such it has participated in the creation of Bulgarian and foreign film coproductions: The Road To Ithaca, feature film, Dir. C. Dimitriou, Cyprus, 1998;

N.T.Fedorenko, doc. series 7 episodes, Dir. M. Krastev, Bulgaria, 1998, Fantasy Concerto, Dir. K. Georgieva, USA-2001, Grand Prix for Animation at Thessalonica Film Festival 2002; Games, Dir. K Georgieva,USA, 2002; Church For Wolves,TV feature series, 12 episodes, Dir. N. Lambrev, Bulgaria, 2005; coproducer with the National Film Center of the documentary film Home For Our Children, Dir. P. Popzlatev, Bulgaria, 2004; executive producer of the documentary film When We Die of Bulgarian National Television, Dir. G. Kraleva, 2005, executive producer of the documentary film Pavel Vezhinov of Bulgarian National Television, Dir. G. Kraleva, 2008 and  The Penniless Dir. Rosen Elezov, 2009. Producer of the film The Love of the Moraine,Dir. Vl. Angelov, 2010.  

During the last 10 years Audiovideo Orpheus Inc offers technical facilities and holds practical studies with students of different film departments from the National Academy of Theater and Film Art, Sofia University, New Bulgarian University, Southwestern University, National Art Academy.